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Fleet Customers.

Effective fleet management can play a large part in your company’s business image. Our range has a model for every business need. For fleet managers, our cars are renowned for maintaining strong residual values, with competitive whole-life costs that could help cut operating costs - while improving your staff benefits package. For drivers, our models offer the latest safety, communications and driver assistance technologies.

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The Audi Centre network.

The Audi Centre network compliments Fleet customers by offering premium services and a warm welcome with every visit. Our dedicated Centre network provides support and advice on all aspects of fleet management, from selecting vehicles and financial planning, test drives and vehicle demonstrations through to ongoing servicing and maintenance.

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Audi Security Cars.

Audi security vehicles are built to the highest standards to protect their occupants. The long-wheelbase A8 security vehicle combines the high protection level of resistance class of VR 10 for body and VR9 for glass along with with a range of safety features, to produce a reassuring safety package. The vehicle looks just like any other A8, so it blends into any surroundings perfectly and offers all the comfort and luxury you would expect from an A8. For further information, please contact your local dealer.

Audi Security

Corporate Customers.

Our fleet team at Audi and the Audi Dealer Network are here to help you make the right choices when selecting from our diverse model range. By choosing an Audi as your company car, you'll receive a premium package. We strive to offer a tailored ownership experience with every Audi, and will help you find the model to suit your business and personal needs.

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The Audi Corporate Program.

The Audi Corporate Program is tailored to the demanding mobility requirements of diplomats, government officials, corporate executives and opinion leaders. Everybody who is eligible for the Corporate Program will discover what it means to be part of the Audi culture and ethos. Corporate members can look forward to:

  • Competitive offers
  • Priority vehicle ordering and allocation
  • Offers on accessories and promotional items
  • Invitation to exclusive Audi Events
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