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The AGM¹ starter battery from Audi Genuine Parts.

It all starts with the battery. Including the breakdown statistics.

The battery is one of the most common causes of breakdowns. It is under particular strain in vehicles with a start-stop system. Powerful AGM1 batteries have been developed especially for this purpose. They provide the energy required for multiple starts. Anyone who wants to remain mobile should have their battery capacity checked regularly and replace the battery when necessary.

Audi Genuine Parts. Quality you can rely on.

Crucial criteria are therefore reliability and performance in all weather conditions. The AGM starter battery from Audi Genuine Parts fulfils these requirements and provides a stable supply of energy. It is therefore used as standard in all Audi models with a start-stop system.

The benefits for you at glance:

  • Are maintenance-free
  • Offer a long service life
  • Have an integrated wear indicator (acid level indicator)
  • Starter batteries will not self-discharge as they age
  • Reliability even in high-load situations such as extreme temperatures (resistant against deep discharge)
  • Are charged and fully loaded when supplied, meaning the batteries are ready for immediate use
  • The Battery Energy Management (BEM) system: Audi Genuine starter batteries are tailored to the vehicle in question. They provide outstanding performance straight after correct installation, as the electrical system in the vehicle recognizes the control unit and immediately uses the available power.
Make sure you are ready to go at any time of year! Have your battery checked regularly and rely on the AGM starter battery from Audi Genuine Parts.

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